Let's talk about your session...


Your newborn session can either take place in the comfort of your own home or my studio located in Strathcona. For in-home sessions, I will bring everything from the studio that we may need to capture baby in all their squishy, sleepy, newness. We can focus solely on baby or include some family and sibling shots as well. Every family is different, so of course every session will be just as unique.


In-home sessions will include lifestyle/documentary type images as well as the classic posed baby images.


Now is the perfect time to book! I recommend booking a couple months prior to your due date as I can only take a limited number of newborns each month. Newborns are scheduled on my calendar for your due date. Once baby arrives we will set the session date accordingly to be at some point within the first 5-15 days of life.


Sessions may last up to 3 hours. That may seem like a long time, but depending on how baby is feeling that day a lot of time can be spent feeding, cuddling and soothing them before we start taking photos. We want them to be as comfortable as possible and I like to ensure we have allotted enough time to get all those special images for you to cherish for years to come. 


Family sessions are by far the most fun for everyone! 


When you book your session, the first thing we will do is pick a location. There are so many magical places in Vancouver. I have tons of favourites and I'm sure you do too. I can offer many choices and I would love to hear any suggestions you have to offer as well.


I like to schedule my outdoor sessions for the last hour before sunset to ensure we get the best possible lighting that day. If that doesn't work for your family I totally understand and we will pick another time. Even the best lighting doesn't flatter a toddler having a melt-down cause it's past his bedtime!

Outfit choices can be overwhelming. I would be happy to offer suggestions and see photos of your outfit ideas before your session.

Once we arrive at your location it's time to have some fun! We will play, laugh and cuddle for most of your session. I strive to capture tender, candid moments as well as classic portraits. Every family is different and your images should showcase the special intricacies that make yours unique.


Whether you’re recently engaged, welcoming a new life into the world, or just want to celebrate your love, a couples session is a great opportunity to have some fun with your partner and capture beautiful memories along the way.

First, we'll set a date. I like to schedule all my outdoor sessions for the last hour before sunset so we can get that beautiful golden light. Next, we'll pick a location. Somewhere that reflects who you are as a couple. Do you like to hike?  Let's go to the forest. Love the beach? Third beach is stunning year round and one of my favourite locations to shoot. Looking for more of an urban vibe? Let's go for a walk along the seawall and get that amazing city skyline in the background. There are so many possibilities and I love hearing all of your ideas! 


My couples sessions are playful and intimate. I aim to authentically capture the core of your partnership, your connection, and what makes your love special.


These sessions are perfect for documenting your little one’s milestones within the first year! Things like tummy time, smiles, giggles, toe grabbing, sitting and standing. I want to capture all these fleeting moments so that you can cherish them long after they’re gone.


These sessions are typically for babies between 3 and 12 months, however it is not necessary to schedule right at 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.  I want you to schedule whenever you feel like you want to capture your babies progress.  Every baby is different and that is what makes them special.


What I love the most about these sessions is the simplicity. I don't use many props and keep all tones very neutral to keep all the attention on your little one instead of a busy backdrop.  Outfits should also be kept simple so that we can focus on those squishy arms, belly rolls, big eyes and tiny fingers and toes. If you need assistance choosing something for your little one to wear I would be happy to help!

Grow With Me

These packages are my absolute favourite! I do a little happy dance every time someone books one. It is so much fun for me to be able to watch your little one grow and explore the world. From newborn to one year we will have four sessions together, capturing all those special memories from your baby's first year.

The first session will be a newborn session which you can read all about above. 

The second session will be at 6 months. Depending on the time of year this session can take place indoors in your home or outdoors at a location of your choice. We will get lots of tummy time shots and baby may be starting to sit up on their own already so of course we will capture that as well!

The third session, three-quarters of the way through your baby’s first year, and there is hardly a trace of that tiny bundle you brought home from the hospital just nine months ago. Now your baby is a mobile and vocal adventurer. Similar to the 6-month session, this one can take place indoors or outdoors. We will get lots of images of your little one playing, laughing, and exploring the world around them.

The last session will be around baby's first birthday. As you get ready for the celebration, reminisce on the last 12 months as a time of incredible growth and development. In just a year, your baby has transformed from a completely helpless newborn into an independent little person. Thankfully you have all these images to remember it by. This session can also be indoor or outdoor. If you would like to provide a cake, we can do a cake smash. Otherwise, we can head to the park, beach or do a lifestyle in-home session. We will capture all of those special little looks that make him or her unique, play some games, and have lots of fun to celebrate baby's first year!

Cake Smash

A cake smash session is the perfect way to celebrate your little one's first birthday! 



The session will take place at my studio in Strathcona where we will play, sing, dance and of course have some cake! You have to option of providing your own cake or I can do so for an additional fee of $50.

Similar to my milestone sessions, I prefer to keep props minimal and the tones very neutral to keep all the attention on your little one instead of a busy backdrop. That being said I love adding simple decorations to cake smash sessions and would love to hear any ideas you have that will make your session unique.

What's Next?

After your session, I will do a pre-edit on all of your best images. The pre-edit does not include any major fixes such as retouching but will give you a feel for what your final images will look like. 

Once I've finished putting together your proofing gallery you will receive an email letting you know it's time to choose your favourites! Now it's up to you to go through and find the images that speak to your heart, 

Once you've made your final decision, I will get to work perfecting every little detail. These images deserve to be treated like the incredibly important memories they are. Once they are ready to share with your friends and family you will receive an email with your digital files ready for download and if you've chosen to order prints, canvases or other keepsakes they will be delivered to your home.

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